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$80 per 3-month season (family discounts available**)


This class meets twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and follows the curriculum of the Traditional Taekwon-Do Alliance (TTA) and the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF).  Students focus on skills required to earn belt ranks and attend tournaments.      Our traditional curriculum focuses on the following:

  • Taekwon-Tenants: Courtesy, Integrity, Self Control, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit

  • Kicking and Punching

  • Patterns/Forms (Tuls)

  • Sparring

  • Ho Sin Sul (Self Defense: awareness training, and self defense against grabs and holds using take-downs, throws, etc)

  • Board Breaking



$65 per 3 month season (family discounts available)


A super introduction to martial arts for kids 5-10 years old. 

Using a play- and games-based approach, we teach young children:

  • Life Skills: Listening, self-reliance, organization, leadership, and responsibility

  • Cognitive Skills:  Memory, concentration

  • Taekwon-do Moral Culture: kindness, respect, self control, courtesy, honesty

  • Physical skills:  Fitness, coordination, gross motor development, introductory taekwon-do techniques

  • Body safety (including dangerous people, bullying, emergencies, and assertiveness)


The overall goal of this program is to provide a developmentally-appropriate and fun introduction to martial arts for young children, while also giving them practical life skills and the ability to evaluate potentially dangerous situations and make age-appropriate decisions.  We use games like "Simon Says"  and "Follow the Leader"  to help children sharpen their listening skills, self control, and more!  The program is designed to take up to 2 years, depending on the child.

We do NOT engage in traditional contact sparring during the Warrior class.    Non-contact "tag" or "capture the flag" type games are used to teach  the self control that will be needed  for sparring once they reach the appropriate age.  


Students will graduate with a yellow belt, ready to take on the challenges of our traditional class.  

*Kids under the age of 7 must have a  parent or guardian present during class (either as an observer or helper).


$30 for 3 class series

Women's Self Defense/Beginner Taekwon-Do: A 3 week session that teaches the basics of taekwon-do and street-self defense techniques.  Students should wear light, comfortable, stretchy clothing and be willing to grapple, and roll around on the mats a bit. For ages 14+.



WEEK 1:  Kicking and Punching / Defending against a grab

WEEK 2:  Mental preparedness / Takedowns

WEEK 3:  Breaking boards/Defense against an armed attacker

January 17, 24, 31.  Fridays @ 8:15 AM at the Blue Sage






Training Fees

Jr. Warriors:          $65 per 3-month session  (1 weekly class, testing fees included)

Traditional:            $80 per 3 month session  (2 weekly classes, testing fees NOT included)

Family Rates and Other Discounts

2 Family Members          $100 - Jr. Warriors and Traditional Classes

3+ Family Members        $125 - Jr. Warriors and Traditional Classes

Parent Membership         FREE with enrolled child under the age of 16

Vision Charter Academy:  Membership is paid by the VCA

Visiting ITF Students:       FREE-  Students enrolled in another ITF style school 

TTA or ITF Black Belts     FREE with TTA membership- Black Belts are expected to help with class instruction

Women's Self Defense

Ages 14+                $30 per 3 week session

Traditional Testing Fees:

$20      Traditional Color Belts

Black Belt Testing is conducted through the Traditional Taekwon-Do Alliance

Traditional Taekwon-do Alliance Membership

Includes a uniform patch, admission to TTA seminars (regularly $25) and discounts on certain tournaments.  Membership is optional until black belt. Black belt memberships is REQUIRED.   Click below to purchase.


Equipment and Uniforms

6 oz lightweight uniform

Size 00-7  ($30)

Size 8+     Custom Order

Replacement Belts ($10)

Sparring Gear

Mouth guard ($12)

Full set sparring gear (headgear, foot and hand pads)   ($60)

Sparring Gear with bag, Mouth guard and case ($75)

**Instructor can assist with purchase of additional equipment if needed